3 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up

Dont Give Up

Too often people give up on their dreams too soon, right before the “breakthrough” they’ve been waiting is about to happen. The biggest success stories usually happen after a period of perceived “failures”, which are really just learning curves and stepping stones towards your destiny. Joseph went through a period of trials and tribulations when […]

3 Marketing Tips from Jesus

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There are many definitions of marketing but at it’s core the term “marketing” is used to describe the communication between a company or organisation and its potential customers.  The aim of marketing is to influence the audience to take a particular course of action or behave in a certain way.  Marketing is not limited only […]

How to Use Faith Affirmations


It’s no secret that our words have power.  Our mouths carry the ability to build up or destroy; to create or to devastate (Proverbs 18:21).  The words we speak about ourselves are particularly important when it comes to charting our course in life. “A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but […]

3 Tasks You Can Delegate To Grow Your Business


In the early stages of your business start-up it’s not unusual for an entrepreneur to do most of the work without outsourcing or delegating.  It requires a lot of time sacrifice but it can actually be a good idea to do the work yourself in the beginning.   Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping […]